The week in review

Finishing what I started last week, The Girl in the Red Coat quickly lost steam after an okay start. I trudged through it because it was fairly short, and I really hate not finishing something, but I could have put it down at any time. It was very dull and I had no doubt about how it would end. It’s not offensive or terrible or anything but it would be hard for me to come up with anything I really liked about it.

The Last Girls really seemed like something I would love. A group of women who went to college together in the South in the 1960’s, reuniting some 30 years later, so many things that I’m drawn to. But it was kind of a misfire. I just didn’t find a lot of charm or personality anywhere in this one. So many characters who all kind of blur together. It was hard to keep track of what was going on and who was who. I had higher hopes for this one.

On the flip side, I wasn’t that excited to start Homegoing, but I was blown away by how good it was. I never feel drawn to historical fiction but I almost always end up loving it. (Exactly the opposite of how I am with thrillers.) I just can’t believe this is a debut. Impossible to put down, so so so good. I really don’t have anything else to say, just go read it.

I first read The Handmaid’s Tale 30 years ago. I absolutely loved it then, but I’ve never liked anything else of hers since then. I’m really interested to revisit it at 44, I mean, what better way to bookend my childbearing years? I’m about 100 pages in so far and I know I am going to have a LOT to say about this one. So many feelings here. I could make a comment about it being a timely choice, but who am I kidding? Man’s desire to control women’s bodies is something that never goes out of style!