It’s not all fika and Ikea

As you know, I tend to be pretty hard on thrillers. So what does it take for me to really love one, besides You? I guess it just has to be well written, have multiple compelling storylines, seamlessly blend fact and fiction, have a great setting, and a kickass redhead heroine. Easy!

I am stoked to be sharing Florence Wetzel‘s The Grand Man with you. This book will take you on a ride. At its core, it’s a murder mystery, with colorful characters, solid red herrings, the coolest pair of detectives, and of course Juliet, the aforementioned kickass redhead at the center of it all. Plenty of material right there, but you also find out what happens in Stieg Larsson‘s unfinished books and who killed Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme. Real life cold cases fictitiously solved is actually a very specific interest of mine. On top of all that, Lisbeth Salander herself show up as Juliet’s inner voice/guardian angel. Why does that never happen to me??? Maybe I should move to Sweden, idk. I hear it’s cold though, not really my thing.

So go get this book because it’s as delightful as its author. I’ve known Florence for just about my entire life, and she’s always been the person I want to be when I grow up and it looks like she always will be. You’re a grand woman, Flo!