It’s not me, it’s You

I’ve been reading and hating so many thrillers lately, and I ask myself why I keep going back when I just don’t seem to like them. Maybe the problem is You. (LOOK HOW CLEVER I AM HAHAHAHA) This is in my top ten books of the last few years and probably my favorite thriller ever. If this is the bar I’ve set in my head for thrillers, no wonder I’m consistently disappointed.

In this day and age there can be a fine line between stalking and sourcing, so it is hard to tell if Joe (the awesome narrator) is a deranged sociopath or just really resourceful at getting to know the girl he’s interested in. No spoilers, I’ll just say that I kept rooting for Joe through a series of questionable decisions. This is a real page turner with pitch perfect humor; I felt like it was written just for me. The sequel got a little over the top in the action for me, but I still loved the voice (“calm down, California”) and it had the greatest use of an emoji I’ve ever seen. I hope Caroline Kepnes branches out from Joe at some point, but no matter what, I’m quite certain I will keep reading everything she ever writes. She might also be the only person who’s ever tweeted about me so that must count for something.