With some luck and love life’s gonna be so sweet

I was making a bunch of desserts recently, and I wondered why it is that I hate to cook but love to bake, when it’s just as much work, if not more. I didn’t wonder very long though because the answer was obvious. Duh, desserts are delicious. Kidding, sort of, because I suppose there are some savory items that are also delicious, although the only one that comes to mind is a tuna melt. The actual answer is that cooking is obligatory, baking is celebratory. I mean, sometimes I’m just celebrating the fact that it’s Tuesday and I like cookies, but still, I don’t have to feed everyone in the house dessert three times a day, every day, literally for our entire lives, like I do with regular meals. Yes, kids do expect dinner every night, and yes, it’s a luxury to be able to complain about it. But cake! Cake happens for a reason.

zebra cake
Chocolate legos and baby carriages have surrounded this cake!

This zebra cake happened for the loveliest reason because the loveliest person is having what’s sure to be the loveliest baby. Laura, I don’t have the bandwidth to list all 52 millions reasons I love you so here’s a top ten:

10. You are an introvert who makes friends wherever you go because you just have so much love to give.

9. You complimented me on the way I pronounce caramel but you still pronounce it your way.

8. Because your style is Punky Brewster with a credit card.

7. You made 2012 about lifting people up and five years later we’re still lifting.

6. The letter to Obama.

5. omg so pretty

4. Because you’re growing the tiny feminist the world needs right now.

3. “I turned on Dancing with the Stars to make fun of it and now I care.”

2. We have true unconditional love for each other. There is literally nothing you could ever do to lose my love and support. I would take a bullet for you. (Please don’t shoot me though.)*

1. Because your neighbors can finally stop freakin’!


*I would still forgive you.