Update from last night’s post:

Dr Foot said we are making “great progress.” The little one on my right foot is gone, the one on my left is half the size it was last time, and the stubborn giant one that started it all on my right foot is significantly smaller, but clearly doing its best to hang in there. We really didn’t even discuss options, just went right to the beetlejuice and made plans to come back in two weeks. So, a few more days of blistering fun in store for me and no running for the rest of the week. BUT, the good news is, this morning I slipped on the ice while walking down my porch steps, and I hurt myself pretty badly; nothing’s broken, but I’m bruised and banged up and it hurts to stand, sit, walk, or move in any way, and I definitely would not be up for running for a few days anyway. So, you know, silver linings.

silver linings