TFW all the holds come up at once

I’m having that reader’s panic thing, where even though I paused a bunch of my holds,  too many came up at once, and most of them have people waiting for them so they’re not renewable, and I want to READ ALL THE THINGS, but I have to prioritize.

all the holds
Library problems.

I may have to return one or two unread, but I’m not backing away from the challenge. Here’s what’s on deck and why:

Fractured. This seems like the kind of domestic drama/thriller that I always end up hating but can’t seem to stay away from.

Children of the New World. I love short stories and I don’t read them nearly as often as I’d like to. Have read about half of these so far and I’m really loving them. Kind of like Black Mirror, except I actually like it.

Another Brooklyn. EVERYONE seems to love this. Have been waiting for it for a while. I’m pretty excited to get to this one.

The Vegetarian. Because when a book seems to have an equal number of fans as haters I need to take a side.

The Sun Is Also A Star. I’m not super into YA, but I’m always willing to read the ones that everyone else is loving. Even if I don’t end up liking them, they’re usually pretty quick. Also I like to keep my hand in because Lucy is starting to dip into the YA pool herself.

The Wicked City. New Beatriz Williams! I love her and can’t wait to read this.

The Science Fiction Hall of Fame. I got this out because I wanted to reread It’s A Good Life, aka the Donald Trump story. I read a few other stories in here, and I love sci-fi short stories, but I probably won’t finish all of this unless I can keep renewing it forever.

A Doubter’s Almanac. I don’t remember how this ended up on my list. It’s been a very long time since I’ve read Ethan Canin. I’m curious about this one, but it’s a lower priority so may end up returned unread.

Forever, Interrupted. This sounds like the kind of thing I’ll love, and I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the quality of her writing. The only reason it’s at the bottom of the stack is that it’s renewable as of right now.

So that’s my TBR list at the moment. Everything goes out the window if I get my hands on the new Jami Attenberg or the new Roxane Gay because I love both of them and they are both very active and hilarious on Twitter. I would like all their tweets, but I leave off every third one, just to be mysterious.