Baker’s dozen

I may have mentioned it was my birthday last week, and unlike normal adults some people, I like a big fuss on my birthday. I did a lot of socializing and celebrating and baking over the past week. If I’m remembering everything, there were s’mores bars, brownies, peanut butter cookies, caramel oreo pie, peanut butter mousse, chocolate cake, four different zebra cakes, and some chocolate storm troopers, just for fun.

storm troopers
I may have gone a little overboard.

That sounds like a lot of work. Which is why on my actual birthday, I gave myself a baking break and treated myself to breakfast in Portland

A perfect way to start the day.


and an evening dessert at my favorite ice cream place.

old school
Nevertheless, she persisted to eat the whole thing.

In between, I got to meet Jami Attenberg!

jami autograph
Did I mention that already?

That was one solid birthday.

After a whole lot of celebrating and a whole lot of not-running because the kids were out of school, I was very motivated to hit the pavement after dropoff today. I was only planning to do about eight miles but since I felt so gross it was so beautiful out, I ended up doing 12. I’m still not feeling very speedy, but, you know, slow and steady wins the race and all.*

*Also it wasn’t a race. And I would definitely not have won.