The week in review

I was kind of a reading machine this week. I’m on the countdown to summer!

I finished Allegedly over the weekend, and had the exact opposite experience as everyone else I know who’s read it. I was pretty much hating it the entire time, and then that ending, the ending that I’d heard ruins the whole thing, turned it around for me. It was so camp! Unless it was supposed to be Very Serious, in which case, yeah the ending ruins it. But I think if you go into it feeling a Lifetime movie vibe, it works.

I’m surprised how strongly I disliked Our Short History. This is one of those times I dislike something so much, I start to feel sorry for it. I think she’s a decent writer, and I certainly enjoyed the fact that it took place half in Seattle and half in New York/New Jersey, but god, that narrator! Oh did I hate that narrator. The kind of person who is constantly bitching about everything, for example being stuck in traffic and saying, “where are all these assholes going anyway?” That kind of person is extremely unappealing to me. I have a grudging respect for it because it really hit some nerves and I’ll definitely remember it better than lots of books I liked better, but ugh that narrator. THAT NARRATOR.

I’m not really sure how to sum up my feelings about Sorry to Disrupt the Peace. It was kind of all over the place for me. I never really connected with this one the way I felt like I would have. I loved this main character, didn’t totally love the writing style. I have my eye on this author but not totally sure it’s for me.

I am so glad I picked up The Arrangement. I am blown away by how much I loved this! This one will get its own post when I have more time next week, but wow, this was so funny and thought provoking and insightful and apparently I need to watch American Housewife because I might be a Sarah Dunn superfan. Really interesting story about a couple who decide to try having an open marriage; not something I’m interested in myself but I’m very curious about nontraditional marriages in general. Very very entertaining book and big thank you to Michelle Gable for putting this on my radar.

I have so many to choose from next, but I decided to start Exit West. Only a little bit into it so far, but I’m thinking I will love it. I hope to get some good reading time in this weekend…a very rare no-kids weekend which couldn’t have come at a better time. Harvey says, get your reading in!