The week in review

Special Saturday edition, since I didn’t bring my laptop to Canada.

It Happens All the Time was a very worthwhile read, even though I didn’t care for the ending. Amy Hatvany is a consistently reliable writer, and I love her because she’s my age and a redhead and lives in Seattle. Secret twin! She wanted to show both sides of the story regarding acquaintance rape; no small task, and she did a great job. I don’t think she did as great a job portraying a character in recovery from an eating disorder; that didn’t especially bother me but I can see how if it hits close to home for someone, it would be a negative. But she’s a great writer, I always enjoy her.

Another writer I (almost) always enjoy is Tom Perrotta, and I just devoured Mrs Fletcher. He does a great job with his characters, especially Mrs Fletcher and her son, Brendan. Brendan is the only character whose voice is in first person and that was really effective, probably because he’s by far the least likable character in the book, so it gave him a little heart. This went in some odd directions, but I loved the characters and I loved how fluid it was about sexuality.

Sadly, my loving everything streak came to an end with Midnight at the Bright Ideas Bookstore. Man, this was a major dud. It’s actually so bad that I feel like I’m kicking a blind puppy by criticizing it. Bad writing, ridiculously convoluted plot, dialogue so cheesy that I’m embarrassed for it. Also, apparently, birth mothers are bad. That last part makes me feel less sorry for this terrible book because wtf? Placing a child for adoption does not make a character unlikable and I’m borderline offended that the author seemed to presume that. Oh and his main character is an awful person. Sorry dude, I hated this.

This morning I started Goodbye, Vitamin and it’s serving as a great palate cleanser. I love the writing and the story and the structure and everything about it so far, so let me finish this, get the kids to bed, and get back to it. Cheers!