The week in review

Today has been the longest, best day, capping off the longest, best week. Can it stay summer forever if I do The Secret on it?

I finished Queens of Geek, and it turned out how I expected. It was fine, if it sounds like something you’re into, you’ll probably be into it. It did not sound like something I would be into, and it didn’t do much for me. Maybe if it had focused more on fandom than on romance, I would have enjoyed it more. I do love people loving stuff.

I don’t know how Time’s a Thief ended up on my shelf. It has no buzz at all, and none of my reader friends have read it. Maybe it was on a library recommended list? However it made its way to me, I just hope the same doesn’t happen to you. This book was torture to read. I almost gave up, but I really hate to DNF. This was just incredibly overwritten and uninteresting; a really snobby narrator is talking about an old boyfriend for 300 pages. The End.

Nowhere to go but up from there! The Fifth Letter was a very pleasant, light summer read. Marriage, female friendship, infertility, motherhood, secrets….these are all elements that I love to see in a novel. My only quibble with this was that it’s a lot about secrets being revealed among friends, and none of them were all that heavy; she could have raised the stakes a bit more. She may hate hearing this kind of thing, since she’s Liane Moriarty’s younger sister, but this was like a mini-version of Big Little Lies. (The little sister in me hates to say that, but it’s true.) Overall a very enjoyable book and I’ll definitely read another of hers.

I’m still mulling over What We Lose. It has a very weird, disjointed style for a lot of it; it sometimes felt like she was just writing whatever popped into her head at a given moment. Toward the end it got much more linear and I was starting to love it, and then it was over a bit abruptly. It was a little all over the place, but very emotional, and I absolutely loved the main character. I just wanted so much more of her. This is definitely worth reading.

Right now I’m about halfway through The Lonely Hearts Hotel. Hoo-boy, this book. I don’t know what to make of it. It is really weird, and dark, but not dark in a hard to read way. It kind of feels like a fairy tale for adults, or like an adult book written by a child. The story feels like something I would have written when I was a kid, because I was a weirdo! If it ends with, “And then everyone died, the end,” I’ll know this was truly written by my 10 year old self’s soulmate.