But I’ve got everything now

I did pretty well at keeping my holds organized for a while, but lately I let them all go wacky, and boom, I have a million books out at once. I already returned the ones with the longest waiting lists but my cups are still runnething over or something, so let’s see what’s on deck and play another round of “Which of you will be returned unread?” Jessica.

This is the only context in which I can be described as stacked.

Sourdough– I already started this, and it’s short, so I’ll definitely finish it. I’m already wishing it was gender-swapped though.

Pachinko– This is now very high priority because I’ve already returned it unread at least once, maybe even twice. I know I’m going to like it, it just has been unlucky so far.

The Idiot– This one has also already lost a round once before, again just due to bad luck. I felt less drawn to it because I kept thinking I didn’t love her first book, but then I realized this is a debut so I was thinking of someone else. (I had her confused with Edan Lepucki.) Whoops! I’m hoping to get to it this time around. If not, third time will be the charm.

Release– I don’t always love YA, but I loved A Monster Calls, and this is described as “Mrs Dalloway meets Forever,” so, yes, big yes on this one.

Chemistry– I’m dying to read this and have been waiting forever and I know it’s going to be great. (Please be great.)

Sex and Rage– Two of my favorite things! (I kid. Sort of.) This is totally the kind of thing I love to read and it’s very high priority for me. It seems to have a Jackie Susann/Dud Avocado vibe going and that is all good.

Class Mom– I am definitely going to read this one soon. I fear that it’s going to be one of those books that feel like it should be a home run but ends up disappointing. I’m cautiously optimistic but it could definitely go either way.

A Loving Faithful Animal– I am not sure how this ended up on my list. It must have been a recommend based on something else I loved, I guess? It’s not ringing any bells and none of my goodreads friends have read it, but I must have added it for a reason. This is kind of low priority unless I remember why I wanted to read it.

Startup– I don’t know what it is, but I keep almost starting this one and then returning it. This is at least the third time I’ve borrowed it. Maybe I will just keep doing this forever, I don’t know. Everyone says this is really good but for some reason I just keep not reading it.

The Women in the Castle– I like this author and I know I’m going to love this. There’s a long wait list for this one, so I might end up returning it and getting it again, but I’ll for sure get to it.

The Rules of Magic– Alice Hoffman can be a little hit or miss for me, but this is a prequel to Practical Magic, one of my favorites of hers. I’m really excited about this one.

The Queen of the Night– I’ve been meaning to get to this for quite a while. It looks like the kind of thing I don’t think I’ll like, but then end up loving, and Alexander Chee is pretty awesome on Twitter. This is the only one of the stack that’s renewable, so I won’t read it super soon, but I will read it.

I can’t wait to look back on this post in a month or so and see how wrong I was in my predictions!