The week in review

This week flew by. It honestly feels like Thanksgiving was yesterday. 24 days until Christmas…yes!!! I should rein it in but I will not.

Last week, I started The Queen of the Night. I thought I would just gobble this up, but it took me forever. I had to take breaks from it, because reading it started to feel like homework. I only just finished it today, and I’m so glad it’s over. This is so rambling, and circular, and repetitive! There’s plenty of story here, but it’s so ridiculously drawn out. It literally says, “and so the story begins,” on page 420. Your story should not be beginning 420 pages in. This was a huge disappointment, but I could see it being a decent movie; you wouldn’t be so bogged down with descriptions of clothing or reading about people singing. I feel bad about this one, I really wanted to like it.

I was also reading When Watched last week, and that turned out much much better. Her writing is killer! It took me a little while to sort of get the hang of these stories but I was all in by the end. Patiently waiting for her to write one million more books please.

I picked up A Horse Walks into a Bar because it was on the NYT 100 Notable Books of 2017 list, and seemed like something I’d like. Their list tends to be all over the place for me, and guess what, this book was all over the place for me as well. This is about a guy doing standup, but also working out his demons on stage, and that’s exactly how it felt. In a way, it was well done, but this guy was not nearly as interesting as he seemed to think he was. I think in better hands, something like this could have been phenomenal, but it didn’t really do it for me.

Stephen Florida does not really seem like something I’d be that drawn to, but I’ve been way off with my predictions lately, so I hope I’ll end up loving this. Some of my most trusted reader buddies have been raving about it; I’m only a little ways into it, and so far I don’t have strong feelings either way. I want to love it. Here’s hoping!