The week in review

If you were wondering if I went for a run in the snow on Christmas day like a crazy person, the answer is yes. We like to go to the movies on Christmas, and I ran to the theater, and we saw Jumanji, and I regret nothing. Bonus: I didn’t know it was a Jake Kasdan movie and I love him. Double bonus: Bobby Cannavale.

bobby cannavale

This is a good week to end the year with, because I am loving everything. The Dark Flood Rises didn’t totally live up to its awesome beginning. It dragged a bit in places and wasn’t really about much of anything. I did really like it though. I don’t feel like there are a lot of good books about old age, so extra points for this one. I still don’t get why I’ve read so little of Margaret Drabble, but I plan to rectify that in the future.

Next I went in a completely different direction with Conversations With Friends. God, I loved this one. I totally ate this up. What’s weird is I can see why people might totally hate it. The characters are pretty hard to like, have questionable morals, and make some bad decisions. But do you have to love the characters to love the book? For me, that’s a no. This is one of those times when I felt like it could have been twice as long and I would still not get bored. I cannot wait to see what this writer does next.

Next in my week of loving everything, I read The Women In The Castle. Guess what, I loved this too! I don’t know why the WW2 fiction well will never run dry but I’m not going to question it. This has three absolutely unforgettable female main characters and I wish each one of them could have their own book. Awesome story, awesome writing, awesome characters.

Tough acts to follow, but today I started The Windfall, and I have high hopes so far. I’ve been meaning to get to this one for quite a while, in fact I think I’ve had to return it unread a couple times this year. This will most likely be my last book of 2017, and I think/hope I’ll be going out on a high. Fingers crossed!