Two warts, nine toenails

I’ve been in a little bit of a running slump lately. Still running very regularly, but I feel like I’m slower and have less stamina out there. Plus I’ve been tormented by a plantar wart on my right foot all year long, and now my little friend has a pen pal on my left foot. They only really hurt if I’m running on rocky terrain but they sure are annoying.  Last month I bonked kind of hard at the Tunnel Light Marathon and since then I feel like I’m starting over from scratch. I have rebuilt a bit in the last couple weeks but I still get so hung up on time and distance, so today I decided to just go for a long run, not even wear my Garmin, and try to rediscover that joy of running. I forgot that running is fun! Happy to say, I had a great time out there; it’s pouring rain as I write this but it was perfectly clear and beautiful on my run. I ran a route I do pretty regularly, so I know I did about ten miles, with lots of ups and downs. I was feeling very good, even when I felt a toenail fall off during that last downhill. That’s the joy of running for you!