So, that’s how I go

Dash cookies

Does anyone else remember that witch’s eye scene in Big Fish, where if you look at it, you see how you’re going to die? And the one kid just looks at it and calmly says something like, “So, that’s how I go.” That’s how I felt earlier this year when the FDA warned us that raw cookie dough isn’t safe and it’s not even just the eggs and don’t eat it under any circumstances. It’s good to know what’s going to kill me someday because I’m never going to not eat the dough.

We made cookies yesterday. And we ate a lot of dough. We make a huge batch and freeze them, each kid gets one in the lunchbox every day until they’re gone then we make them again. This is just your basic chocolate chip cookie recipe, although instead of chips we cut up a bunch of chocolate bars. And I always like to be just a little generous with the salt; a little goes a long way. And makes for some tasty tasty dough.