Short and sweet like PB

I had to got to do a lot of mothering this Mother’s Day weekend. So much, that I did no running and barely any reading. I did make a killer dessert though, and while this isn’t actually baking, when you have this peanut butter mousse in front of you, it is not the time to split hairs.

pb mousse
I can’t believe I didn’t eat the whole thing.

I’ve used this recipe a bunch of times, but I’ve never actually made it exactly as it’s written. I always use cream cheese (either soy or regular) instead of tofu, and sometimes I’ve used yogurt or whipped cream in place of coconut milk. I usually do a cookie crust, and I’ve tried whipped cream and sliced bananas instead of ganache for the topping. Sometimes I skip the whole crust/topping pretense entirely and just go with the famous “mousse + spoon” formula. All of this exhaustive research has led to this important finding: If you start by blending peanut butter and cream cheese, you are probably going to end up with something insanely good.

more you know
I hope to get funding for a longitudinal study.

This made for a delicious Mother’s Day, and since some say that every day is Mother’s Day,* we should probably be eating this all the time. I’ll eat it in honor of my own mother, the second most famous PB of all.  People are always telling me, “Your mom is the best!” and when you’re right, you’re right. (I would say it’s kind of annoying but I don’t want to be told how fresh I am, or something.) Happy Mother’s Day, PB!


*Literally no one says this.