Bigger than the Beatles

As I have said before, one of the things I like most about baking is that it happens for a reason. Usually a fun, social, celebratory reason. Or sometimes it’s because I like cookies. And as I have also said before, zebra cake is not actually baking, unless you want to do the cookie part from scratch. But either way, you end up with a delicious cake in front of you, which is no time to split hairs. So, to celebrate the sacred holiday of Watching Jesus Christ Superstar At A Friend’s House, I made Dash’s new favorite, the reverse zebra: vanilla cookies layered with chocolate whipped cream. I’m sure it’s a favorite of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s too.

It’s kind of shaped like a cross? I tried.

There was a little bit of a mixup, because we had meant to watch the live broadcast, which we thought would be, like, live here and on at five? But the west coast got screwed like we always* do, but we were already gathered together with a bunch of food when we realized it, so we decided to just watch the movie and then go home in time for the not-live after all broadcast. It was the obvious solution and made for a fun double feature.

All of this turned out to be great. I still haven’t watched all of the live (not live) show, but I loved what I’ve seen so far. And even though I prefer the original album to the movie, it’s still super fun to watch, especially in a group. I think my favorite aspect of it all was watching it with Lucy. There were a lot of kids Dash’s age, and a lot of adults, but she was right there in the middle, a walking definition of tweendom. She was kind of into the movie, but she was also kind of into hiding empty Easter eggs with the kids. Very fitting, because I think we all feel a little in between about the movie anyway. There’s a lot of genuine love for it; the songs are fantastic, and Afterlife Judas is really something to behold.

Not sure this compares to the leather pants, but still.

And there is also a lot that’s worthy of mocking. I don’t want to rip it apart because it’s not going to sound like it’s from love, and I do love it, despite so very very many instances of unintentional hilarity. But I mean, if you can watch it and not laugh at the high voice/low voice guys with the crazy hats, good for you! I’ll just go and cool down my face a bit then. Peter, out!

High voice guy will never not be funny.


* “always”= when it’s not the oscars or the super bowl