The week in remeow (I’m so sorry about that)

I was going to do my weekly recap early on Friday, but the day kind of got away from me, then the kids had their school play that night, then there was a little afterparty that went way longer than I’d expected. I got home super late, and it was either do the week in review or the Saturday crossword puzzle, and well, it’s obvious what won. The app sends the puzzle the night before, and it tells you if you’ve filled it in correctly, so sometimes my dad texts me for help the next day, and I didn’t want to let him down. I’m a more loyal daughter than a blogger, or something. So why didn’t I just post it on Saturday, you ask? Because after four years of asking every single day, Lucy finally got her greatest wish:

At last, putting the cat in cat lady.

I am still not over Maggie, the cat I had for 20 years. I still miss that cat every day, and I still kick myself for not taking a last picture of her before I said goodbye. (I am terrible about taking pictures and I will probably never get better about it.) But I am finally ready to love another cat, and also ready for Lucy to stop asking me for one every single day. There is a cats only shelter in the neighborhood where you can see online what cats are available, and you can go in and visit with them, and if you think you’ve found one that’s a good fit, you can put a 24 hour hold on the cat while you decide if you’re ready to adopt it. I thought this would end up being a longer process, but it turns out, cats do not stay at that shelter long at all. Wednesday night, Lucy saw a cat online that she wanted to go meet, and by Thursday afternoon, it was gone. Friday night, she saw one she liked, by the time she and Rich went in on Saturday afternoon, that cat was also gone. Luckily, she also took a liking to a one Mr Bubba Jones who was there and available. He’s five years old, enormous, very chill, very friendly, very cute. Also Lucy likes every cat in the world, so that helped. There were three other cats available when we were there, and Lucy would have taken every single one if she had the option, but Jonesy seemed like the best fit for us. Happy ending: the shelter won’t even be open tomorrow, because the other three all found homes this weekend too. Cats are so hot right now.

Of course, since Mercury is in retrograde*, bringing Mr B home didn’t go all that smoothly. We had come in separate cars, and I left with Dash to bring him to a friend’s house. I ended up having not great timing there because when I got to the house, their dog had just done something super gross that I’m not going to go into detail about, but suffice to say there was some pet-related chaos happening over there, while I assumed Rich and Lucy were just chilling at home with Bubba. (Sidebar: I don’t love his name and I am planning to nickname him Roger.) Not so, Boston! They drove home from the shelter with this very big cat in a carrier. They parked right in front of the house, carried it up the porch steps, then bam! The handle broke, the carrier fell, the door bounced open, the cat busted out and ran off.

You. Had. One. Job.

Poor Rich watched the cat take off and had visions of Lucy seeing him get run over on what she had just said was the happiest day of her life. They spotted him running around in the neighbor’s yard, then ran after him as he crawled under Rich’s car and would not budge. They tried to coax him out with a can of tuna, and that would definitely have worked on me, but apparently this cat and I don’t have the same tastes because he was not even tempted. Thankfully, our neighbor Michaelynn came out to see what was going on, and let me tell you, in an emergency, there is literally nobody I would rather have on the scene than Michaelynn. Michaelynn got under the car, got Bubba by the collar, pulled him out and carried him inside the house, because of course she did. Everyone should have a Michaelynn on their block.

So, Mr Bubba “Roger” Jones is home, Lucy is the happiest girl in the world, and I will do a double weekly recap on Friday. I’m beat from this very action packed weekend so I might just order a pizza and hope this cat doesn’t go crazy.

Roger that!


*shut up, that is totally a thing