The week in review

TIL that I really got my money’s worth when I paid someone to bolt our bookcases to the wall. I had to move them and it was a huge pain to unbolt, so, thanks, Mr Handyman!

I was in quite a slump last week, so I started this week with The Hate U Give. This one has been showered with praise from my most respected reader friends, but I personally am not drawn to YA, and it was exactly how I would have expected. It’s not totally my thing, but it is very good. Great voice, great main character, a message book that isn’t preachy or heavyhanded. Definitely worth the hype, and worth the read even if you’re not usually into this kind of thing.

The Leavers was a little hard to get into, but I was also extremely distracted when I started it, so that might have been just me. I’m almost positive it was me, because once I was into it, it was impossible to put down. Loved this story and loved the characters. I’m not going to forget this one.

Next up was I Liked My Life. Hoo boy, this one hit a real nerve with me. I. Hated. This. Book. I already ripped it apart on Goodreads, and I almost start to feel sorry for things that I hate this much, so I’ll just say, finally, a ghost story that’s worse than The Lovely Bones. Bravo.

Nowhere to go but up from there! Last night I started I Found You, and so far I am loving it. I usually can rely on Lisa Jewell and I don’t think she’ll let me down here. If I hadn’t been so busy today, I might be almost done with it. I really want to see where this story is going, so I’m signing off. Happy reading, everyone!