The week in review

Super packed busy fun filled week behind me. The cold weather is really stupid right now. I hope there’s a surprise trip to Florida on the horizon.

Where do you even start with The Power? I am so here for every single aspect of this book. It’s funny that there are so many comparisons to The Handmaid’s Tale, and that Margaret Atwood is her mentor. I can definitely feel the kinship between the two, but I was so much more into The Power. (I respect Handmaid’s Tale more than I actually like it, and in general I don’t care for Atwood at all. Sorry!) A lot of this felt like revenge porn, and I guess that’s my thing right now, who knew? I loved the format and the framework of this, loved how the epilogue and prologue were thousands of years in the future; once we got the power, we did not let go. Oh man, this just felt so good to read and it came at just the right time. (I’m pretty sure any time would have felt like the right time.) This is 100% like The Last Jedi in the sense that every criticism of it will make me like it more.

Oh look, a reason to post this photo. Look how that worked out.

Tough act to follow, but I really enjoyed Everything Here Is Beautiful. I don’t know how much this one will stick with me in the long run, but it’s a very solid, well done novel. I love fiction about mental illness, and this did a great job with that. A lot of hits for me with this one, since I also love fiction about sisters and different cultures and racial identity. Now that I think of it, this probably will stick with me. I’m shocked that this is a first novel, way to hit it out of the park on your first try.

I’m in kind of a crunch to finish The Great Alone. It’s long, and I’m only halfway through, and I don’t typically get a lot of reading time over the weekend, and I need to return it by Sunday night. It’s great so far, although it’s a little distracting to have a character named Large Marge. Did Kristin Hannah never see Pee Wee’s Big Adventure? I would post a photo but my best friend has a Large Marge phobia, so out of respect I will post something more relevant to her interests.

Enjoy, Laura!