Kill your darlings

I try so hard to manage my library holds, but once again, a ton of hot ones came up at once, and I’m having that can’t-read-them-all-can’t-renew-them reader panic. Here are the contestants in the “which one will be returned unread?” sweepstakes. ( Jessica)

I want to love you all equally, but let’s be real.

Our Short History– This author is very hit or miss for me, but I’m weirdly drawn to her. Looks like just the kind of thing I love to read. I only have it for ten more days, and there are some other ones I want to get to first, but I really want to read it. Even odds here.

Exit West– This is supposed to be a must read right now, and I’ve heard it’s very fast. It’s very unlikely I’ll return this without reading it.

The Underground Railroad– I’ve had this out for ten days already and was putting it off, because I always think I won’t like historical fiction but end up loving it. I was going to return it because there are 700 people waiting for it, but then it won the Pulitzer, so that raised the stakes. Planning to read this one next.

Allegedly– I wasn’t especially interested in this, but then a few reviewer friends said it went from five stars to four in the last chapter, which piqued my curiosity bigtime. I am definitely going to get to this one.

Homesick for Another World– I loved Eileen, (and people named Eileen) and am already halfway through this and I love it and I may be becoming an Ottessa Moshfegh superfan.

No One Is Coming to Save Us– I’ve been anticipating this one for a while, and I love anything Gatsby-related, but it might be the lowest priority on this list.

Almost Missed You– This looks like the kind of thing I think I’m going to like, then end up hating. It has rave reviews from a couple of my most trusted reader friends so I’m both intrigued and wary at once.

Sorry to Disrupt the Peace– This is an eagerly anticipated one for me and I just picked it up today, so I have 21 days and am quite sure I’ll get to it.

White Tears– I know you can’t judge a book by its cover, but what about the title? I’ve been dying to get my hands on this. You had me at white tears.

The Arrangement– This was on my for later shelf, just kind of on my radar, but then a rave review from the fabulous Michelle Gable bumped it up to high priority. Michelle is both a great writer and a great reader and I know I’m going to love this one. You shred it, wheat!

I don’t know if I’ll get to all of them but I’ll give it my best shot. All my other holds are paused, except for Marlena, which I am dying to read and should be coming up any day now. And I’m trying very hard not to add any more so maybe someday I’ll get to the books I actually own and the ones that have been lent to me by extremely patient friends and maybe I can look into getting a second pair of eyes? That would really help me out.