It’s the most @#$%! time of the year


I think I made it to the summit of my annual Christmas frenzy nervous breakdown and am making my way back down to earth. Every year I tend to go a little overboard, and make myself crazy, and probably make it all a lot harder than it needs to be. And every year I hit a wall and ask myself why I’m even bothering and swearing that next year everyone’s just getting giftcards. And then I get a second wind and remember that I do it because I love it, so I push through and do my best to make everything magical or whatever. And is it worth it? It’s definitely worth a try.  So anyway, I made brownies and s’mores bars and chocolate chip cookies and peanut butter cookies and almond bars, and I’m not sure I ate any real food yesterday but I probably ate enough dough to fuel myself through a marathon. Now that I have all my baking and my shipping done, I can just cruise on my Christmas high while taking care of the rest because OH MAH GAH CHRISTMAS!!!! I love Christmas so so much. My inner child is going to spend the next 11 days just screaming CHRISTMAS!! Can’t stop, won’t stop, this is not a drill, 11 days, it’s coming, oh my god Christmas.

me, reining it in