Halfway between Cakewrecks and Pinterest

Dash's cake

My little turkey turned six years old on Thanksgiving this year. A friend hosted a feast and it was fantastic. The collaborative menu was definitely the way to go; it felt like everyone made things they like to make so there wasn’t as much obligation cooking happening. I don’t eat meat or potatoes so if I ever had to make a Thanksgiving dinner I can guarantee it would be terrible. No surprise, I made some desserts:

Look how pretty

Since it was his birthday, I also made Dash his own personal zebra cake, at his request. Very easy! Not so easy was his request for a Ninja or Lego or Ninjago sheet cake for his birthday party on Saturday. I usually just order something at QFC but the closest thing they had was Ninja Turtles, which is so not the same thing! So I went to a local cake decorating supply shop, and the extremely helpful woman there gave me the idea of just buying some colored fondant and letting the kids make legos out of it. I’m never buying a sheet cake again! They had so much fun decorating this cake, and while it certainly didn’t come out looking professional, who cares? This was a six year old’s birthday party. It came out very cute and I ate so much frosting, so win, win.