I’m so glad they invented the word muffin so we can eat cake for lunch

banana muffins

It’s January and I am just over everything. First of all, it’s not Christmas, but it’s still cold. Like what is that even about? I’m over cold weather after about five minutes so that one might not really count. I am definitely over these damn plantar warts which still show no sign of leaving. Take a hint guys, nobody wants you here. And even though we’re not even halfway through the school year, I am So. Over. Lunches.

Are we sure they need lunch every single day? I’m kidding.* It’s just a little wearing to come up with ideas for non-perishable no allergen relatively healthy meals that can be eaten at room temperature. And oh yeah, preferably something my kids actually like. I mean, I would happily eat a jelly sandwich every day but they are not having it. So my best idea is muffins. Really blurring that “relatively healthy” line since a muffin is just an unfrosted cupcake, but at least we make them together. I’ve found you can usually decrease the sugar by about a third in any muffin recipe, and we almost doubled the bananas in the chocolate chip banana muffins we made today, so, I mean, I tried. It probably could be better but they get a homemade muffin and a handwritten note every day. Someone else can be the best, I’m only shooting for good enough anyway.


*sort of