Oh, Snape…

We finished up the Harry Potter books, then watched the last two movies this weekend, and Oh! My! God! Why didn’t anyone ever mention how good this is? We had to discover it for ourselves, just like with football. Come on, people. Stop hoarding the gems.

Back in November, when we were about halfway through the series, we were having Harry Potter talk with some friends, and Lucy said, “One thing I don’t get is, why is Neville in Gryffindor? He seems like he should be Hufflepuff.” Now, I don’t know if she even remembers saying this, but our friend Stephanie’s response of, “Oh, you’ll see why Neville is in Gryffindor,” is repeated in our house multiple times a day now. Or as Lucy said at the end of Deathly Hallows, “Neville is the most Gryffindory person in the world!”

But someone’s gotta be Hufflepuff…

Neville ended up being both Dash and Lucy’s favorite; he’s in my top five, but I think the Weasley twins’ grand exit in book five give them the top spot for me. It was so nice being able to stay (relatively) spoiler-free, because we were really on our toes at the end, we had no idea what would happen, and we just did not know what to make of Snape. Evil back stabber, or the very heart of the series? All I’m saying is, we may have to make another trip to Hot Topic for some Always gear now that we’re done. I’m not crying, you’re crying, shut up.

Seriously, stop.