The week in review

Kids being back in school + my feet being worse than ever = lots of time to read. Silver linings.

Behold the Dreamers completely lived up to the hype. This is a very layered, nuanced story. Painful at times. Every character is fleshed out and memorable. This is one of those, “I can’t believe it’s a debut” kind of novels. Can’t wait to see what’s next.

So, um, after that I read a thriller, because I just can’t seem to resist them even though I never like them. I don’t know what my deal is here! There areĀ  a lot of genres I don’t like and therefore don’t read, but I guess thrillers just always sound good to me. And they’re quick. Maybe it’s just a matter of poor execution, because every once in a while they are done well, and the difference is just better writing. Anyway, The Couple Next Door was just so ridiculous but I can halfheartedly recommend it. It would be a hilarious Lifetime movie. I laughed out loud a lot at this book and it was not meant to be funny. So bad it’s good.

I’ve been doing this thing where once a month or so I reread an old favorite to see how it holds up. I loved Nude Men when I first read it way back in 1993, but times have changed a bit. I actually had a feeling that I wasn’t going to like it as much this time around, because I never have liked anything she’s written since then. I also worried that I would find the Lolita-esque storyline much more problematic than I did then, but the writing was really too fanciful to take that very seriously. Some of this book is really really funny but I certainly didn’t love it like I once did. Part of me is sad to have the memory of an old love tarnished in this way.

Next I got to How This Night Is Different. I am a big Elisa Albert fangirl and she did not let me down. (And I’m never gonna give her up.) A couple of these stories were forgettable but most of this is so so good. I am just in love with her voice and style. Very very eagerly awaiting her next book. Please publish something tomorrow kthx.

Today I just started The Making of Us. Lisa Jewell is becoming a favorite of mine and this one gets right going. She seems to be a master of contemporary women’s lit which is just exactly the kind of thing I want to read all the time. I have this book AND the Seahawks game to look forward to, shaping up to be a good weekend. But will we have a game next weekend? That is the question!