The week in review

We had gorgeous weather for Halloween and today it snowed. Wtf, Seattle? I’m not even supposed to be here today.

Chemistry started out great and stayed great. I always find it the hardest to sum up this type of short perfect little book, and I feel like a 9th grader who hasn’t actually read the assignment, like, “It was…really…good.” But it was! This did a great job of capturing how difficult and confusing being in your 20s can be. I feel crazy old lately but I wouldn’t go back to any age under 30 for all the money in the world. Anyway, this was a fantastic quick read.

I read The Rules of Magic next, and I wish I had reread Practical Magic first; I’m sure I would have appreciated the prequel more if that had been fresher in my mind. I still really enjoyed it. She’s a very reliable writer and this is a great story. I love magical realism when it’s done perfectly, is that so much to ask?

I’ve checked out Startup and returned it unread twice, because I am terrible about managing my holds and always have a bunch out at a time. The third time was the charm! And I was very surprised by how good this was. I was not expecting to relate to this at all because it was mostly about millennials working in tech, but there was one “older” couple with kids and their story was filled with really insightful observations. The women ruled in this book; most of the men were straight up trash, so it felt quite topical. Kind of fizzled out in the end but this was well worth a read and I would love to see what she does next.

Right now I’m halfway through The Idiot, another one that’s been the bridesmaid a couple of times already. I’m on the fence with this one so far. I like the writing and the setup, but I’m 200 pages in, and…not much has happened. It’s starting to feel like I’m reading an unedited diary of someone’s uneventful freshman year of college. I am almost to Part Two and I am hoping that something will happen. Fingers crossed!